Togliatti Academy of Management

The Togliatti Academy of Management is located in Togliatti, a city of more than 700,000 in the Western part of the Russian Federation on the banks of the Volga River, 600 miles southeast of Moscow. The Samara region is one of the top five regions in Russia for foreign investment and has the largest concentration of Russia's automobile and chemical plants, which offers vast opportunities for foreign firms to supply equipment, components and services. The city of Togliatti, which produces almost 60% of the GDP for the Samara region, is the corporate headquarters for the AvtoVAZ automobile manufacturing plant. This site produces the Lada, Zhiguli and Niva cars, and exports these models to 90 countries around the world. Production volume from the VAZ factory accounts for 60% of the Russian automobile market.

TAM was established in 1991 by AvtoVAZBank to educate and prepare the personnel needed for Samara Region to support free market reform efforts. Today's TAM Board of Trustees consists of representatives from the Administration of Samara Region, City Council of Togliatti, AvtoVAZ (the largest automobile factory in Russia), the Center of Strategic Research (headquartered in Nizhni Novgorod) and FIA-Bank in Togliatti.

The Togliatti Academy of Management (TAM) is a comprehensive non-governmental educational institution whose vision is "continuous improvement through learning". It is an active proponent of economic reforms in Russia. The Academy emphasizes excellence in teaching, in advising and in student-faculty relationships while encouraging service, research and creativity. TAM is committed to providing an education that confronts students with different perspectives and new ideas. This kind of education occurs inside and outside the classroom. Its mission is to prepare the next generation managers and leaders in Russia. To this end, its faculty members are extensively recruited. Admission to this school is highly selective and applicants compete aggressively through a series of tests, essays and interviews before selection is determined.

The Academy has evolved into a unique multilevel training, research and development center in the Samara region. At the present time TAM is in the pre-candidacy stage of international accreditation under the auspices of the American Association of Colleges Schools of Business International (AACSB). This is a rigorous and exhaustive six-year procedure, whose standards only a select few programs meet. The mission of the AACSB is to provide global leadership in advancing management education through accreditation and by fostering international interchanges, key business linkages, sharing of best practices, and professional development. The TAM will be the first Russian institution admitted to this internationally recognized organization. Needless to say, accreditation will be a significant accomplishment and underscores the TAM's determination to be the preeminent management education institution in Russia.

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